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Jack and Casie is a puzzle rpg about a mysterious mechanical anomaly from a lost civilization, and Casie.

its sort of like paper mario, but actually it's not at all like paper mario

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Published 254 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsPixel Art


jackAndCasieb00015.zip (33 MB)


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Hello! I wonder - how to contact you by email about this game?

try shoutscion@gmail.com

I adore this little huge game of yours.


thanks for the feedback by the way i think you can actually skip text by just holding down space or d or something

did you know you can use the field guide in battle, like the spotlight? i have to rewrite the description so thats more clear

I did use it - just didn't get to it in this playthrough D: a shame really. it's incredible how well this game traps my mind! :D