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Jack and Casie is an Inventory Action Game about the misadventures of Jack, a walking talking superdimensional storage closet, and Casie, who can shoot a gun. As they make their way to the distant Capital, they'll encounter the mysterious Ancient Army, piece together the history of the Frontier, and cross paths with the people who call it home.

... Eventually.

This is just the gameplay prototype.




Mouse • Everything
A • spin
S • flip
D • combine, use
CTRL • fast forward

Thanks to:
Battle theme, Victory theme: mysterypaint (@mysterypaint)
Boss Battle theme: Grace
Art assistant: comfymode (@comfyalamode)
Walking themes (Woods, Lake): Paradoxigent https://soundcloud.com/paradoxigent

Freesound sources:
sgtmurphy, sjnewton, tmkappelt, InspectorJ, inferno, zerolagtime, GuntherDorksen, joedeshon, cdrk

And you, for playing our game!

Hope to see you for the final release!!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
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JackAndCasieKSPrototype7.zip 24 MB


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RIP shout


I was picking up some indie games on Steam and this one popped back into my mind. Had to hunt down the TFS Bargain Barrel stream where I'd first seen it. I genuinely hope the dev is doing alright. According to the Kickstarter updates, they've been on a 3-6 month hiatus for 3 years now (for mental health reasons).
I hope everything works out. There are still lots of people who would love to see this game come to light. Sending my best wishes <3


Que adorableeeeee amé el juego uwu lo único que me hubiese gustado fuese que se pueda acelerar un poquito más que el CTRL haha acá les dejo un gameplay que hice :P

This is fantastic, I love it and I cant wait for more


Just want to let you all know that I'm working on a PICO-8 Demake of Jack and Casie.


BEST DA BEST WORK sir.shout!!

This is an awesome little demo, sorting the inventory is pretty fun and keeping everything reloaded is a challenge. It feels strange holding on to stuff not in the inventory though

Looks like you were inspired by Resident Evil 4's inventory system. 


This is incredible. Im addicted already and its just a demo so far! Keep up the fantastic work!

Cute main character and art style in general, novel item tetris style gameplay works pretty well for a  turn based RPG like this, love the battle themes and the game's sense of humor, keep up the good work!

Game's super dope. I hope to see even more guns, more items, more neat inventory interactions, and more fun dialogue in the future. The walking around music I think is a little overbearing and can get annoying, but the battle song is super good. Looking forward to release.

this game looks awesome im downloading now

Very cool. Congrats on the Kickstarter!

This is great!! Juggling everything around in the inventory is a wild ride, but I love it. The flavor text is on point, too!

Unfortunately, I ran into a couple bugs:

  • At some point, I ended up with a ticking noise looping endlessly in the background. It wouldn't stop. It got kind of annoying?
  • Sometimes, when the music changed, it wouldn't play properly, and got stuck in this half-second loop that sounded vaguely creepy. It'd do this until the next music change (usually a battle).
  • The game crashed hard when I tried to use the Field Guide on a Toltuga. Tortuga? I forget. Anyway, here's the gist of the error:

    FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Step Event0 for object obj_textbox1:
    DoAdd :2: undefined value at gml_Object_obj_textbox1_Step_0

    It happened on the last level, too, so I never got to see how the demo ended :(((

Anyway, I really enjoyed the game! Congrats on the successful Kickstater, here's hoping you blast through all your stretch goals~

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gotcha! fixed as many of those bugs as i could. tell me if you find any more

Here I am, with more bugs :) (and nitpicks)

  • If you start charging a support weapon, and then Casie kills all the enemies in the current battle, Jack will automatically use the weapon at the start of the next battle. That probably doesn't make sense?
  • When attempting to eat a food item using the D key, the game says "Use as a weapon!", even outside of battle where you actually can't do that (and the eating succeeds). Small detail, but can be annoying.
  • Weren't there progress bars on the support weapons/items before? Did you remove that for some reason, or is that also a bug?
  • Having to press Enter to exit the shop feels odd, since you're using your mouse to navigate everything else in the checkpoint screen. It'd be nice if you could click the "Enter" box in the bottom right to exit, or just click outside the shop UI.
  • Holding Escape doesn't seem to exit the game!
  • I made it within 2 levels of the end of the demo this run, but once again I encountered a crash :( This time I was trying to reload a Range Rifle that was in the left-hand conveyor, but I also hit S accidentally while I was hitting D? No idea if that's related. The error message, for posterity:
    FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of  Step Event0 for object obj_controller0:
    Unable to find any instance for object index '119630' name '<undefined>' at gml_Object_obj_controller0_Step_0

Still having lots of fun with the game, at any rate! Really appreciate your work c:

this looks really freakin' neat!

this is cool '_')b